No Gears, No Go

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Those of us whose work takes us on rough county and lease roads know one thing; we take a beating to our body and especially our trucks. Eventually, something breaks, and of course its usually something odd, or inconvenient to repair.

Well here’s a short video of an odd break I had the other day. My assessment is a build up of mud worked its way between the gear selector cable, and the range select lever. This eventually caused the cable to “pop” off the lever, leaving the vehicle stuck in the drive.

It was an easy fix as seen in the video. But it dawned on me how easy it is to purposefully cause a vehicle to be stranded.

Anyone else had an experience similar to this, if so lets hear about it.Max

Lego Photographer Captures Perspective

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Get Ready to Use Your Brain! #EF2015

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@GoogleFact – “ Music is one of the few activities in life that utilizes the entire brain.”

Edgefest 2015 – April 25th (Sat) in Frisco TX at Toyota Stadium (map) .

Attend Edgefest 2015

Edgefest 2015 - Toyota Stadium - Apr 25th






Follow the Bands of Edgefest 2015

Edgefest 2015

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Start following the bands of #edgefest2015 in Frisco TX @ToyotaStadiumTX #dallas #fb

Edgefest 2015 Band Lineup – Twitter List edgefest2015

IPhone 6 Plus – Battery status

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“ Music is one of the few activities in life that utilizes the entire brain.”

Family Reading Time

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In Zachariah’s and Joshua’s early years, my wife, Lee Ann was very good at getting us together for family reading time in the evenings. Several of the books on this list we read as a family, or listened to via audiobooks while on roadtrips. As the boys grew older, I noticed other titles from this list sitting on their nightstands. I thank her for making us sit together as a family and listen to her read these books. I know that it was very instrumental in helping the older kids expand their minds on life’s purpose, relationships, and personal growth. I look forward to the time when Micah and Tylee are old enough to start doing this again.